Things to do in Niue


Truly ‘out of the blue’ Niue rises from the deep ocean. Fringed by a narrow cliff-hugging reef and surrounded by abundant marine life,  one of the largest uplifted coral atolls in the world sits alone in the deep blue Pacific Ocean.

So much to explore …

Explore the sea tracks to discover little hidden beaches and snorkelling pools. Benefit from our on-island experience and contacts to make the most of your time and capture the magic of Niue. 

How to discover Niue:

The Niue Tourism Office has up to date details of tours and events. Their contact details are in the side bar so email to see what is on for the dates of your holiday. Sometimes events happen at short notice, or can be cancelled, so be prepared to go with the flow. You are in Polynesia now and western (palagi) time can be left behind until departure time.


Diving - Same planet different world!

Niue waters amaze divers with up to 80 metres visibility. They are rated amongst the clearest in the world. Below the island lie intriguing dive-throughs, chasms, caves and cathedrals.

Swim with dolphins, sea turtles, sea snakes and colourful hard corals and biggest thrill of all, when you encounter whales.


Whales and Dolphins

From mid July through September is the whale season. Humpback whales, often travelling as family groups pass through Niue waters. Whale spot from the grounds of Clifftop Fale and at meany spots particularly along the west coast of Niue.

Spinner dolphins too are frequent visitors to Niue waters and a swim with the dolphins tour is a highlight of any holiday. A Glass Bottom Boat trip lets non-divers enjoy the fascinating under-water life.


Fishing & charters

Rod fishing charters are available and some local semi-commercial fishermen will also take fishing charters.

A few minutes from the wharf and you are fishing the deep ocean for wahoo, mahimahi and tunas.


patricias stall.jpg

Koefaga – Tropical Delicacies

To enjoy on island or as much welcomed gifts to take home … Call at my home stall in Alofi South. Watch for the sign on the main road.

The Koefaga range can be taken into New Zealand and further afield, but must be declared on your entry form. 

For the foodie who loves trying new culinary products, my Vanilla range has Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Essence and Vanilla Paste. You’ve seen top chefs using vanilla on TV cooking shows, and this is your chance to buy these fresh, practically from the farm gate. Available on line through




Coconut Oil

Hand made coconut oil is available as a pure cold pressed oil, or delicately fragranced with real vanilla.

These pure oils are beautiful skin conditioners for after shower, after sun and after swimming, and can be matched with Pure Coconut soap.


Healing Balm

And to tackle any itchy bits should a mosquito get to you, is our hand made healing balm. There is also a delicious lip balm and my pure coconut soap.

Jams and Sauces from local fruits and ingredients to enjoy with your meals or for take home gifts. Chilli sauce, passionfruit curd, pawpaw and coconut jam - just part of the selection. In Niuean Koefaga (said coy-fun-ga) means delectably delicious